Company Profile

QMS Navigation Group is quality engineering consulting firm, established in 2016, to meet the market demand for organizations seeking to improve product quality, processes, and customer satisfaction.  We have extensive knowledge and expertise in quality science applications and engineering.  Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the aerospace/defense, energy and FDA regulated industries.  We have a strong reputation for excellence in the services that we offer and in the communities that we serve.  Placing emphasis on process ownership and leveraging best practices from diverse industries allows us to develop innovative solutions to improve our clients quality management systems, therefore, positioning them for success in the global market place. 



We exists to provide innovative solutions for clients seeking to improve product quality, processes, services and customer satisfaction for maintaining competitive advantage.




Our business name derived from the use of GPS Technology that most of us are familiar with in our daily lives.  The convenience of this technology allows us to establish our current locations and navigate to our desired locations successfully.  Without a doubt, this modern day convenience has revolutionized the way we live today and in beyond.  

We, at QMS Navigation Group, are highly skilled at accessing our clients current state needs and working with them to get to their desired future state as it pertains to their quality management system roadmaps.  Our compass mobilizes our business strategy with symbolic magnetic positions (Plan-Do-Check-Act).  Our business philosophy and how we approach our clients are strengthened by the PDCA Deming management model and it works!  So, what is your destination in quality for your business?  Let us show you how to get there!

Our Strategy

Our Mission

       Core Values

  • Exemplary Service

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Client Stewardship

  • Community Advocacy