Investigating Special Cause Variation and Root Cause

After finally watching series 1-3 of "The Flash" on Netflix, I think I may have a new favorite show! Flash is a comic book superhero who obtains his powers of super speed from being struck by lightning from a science invention that went predictably wrong. He soon discovers that others in his city were effected by the incident but choses to use their special powers for personal gain or to commit evil acts. Consequently, Flash has a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to a interdisciplinary approach to problem solving in order to track down and uncover the weaknesses of these unnatural sources of crime in their city.

Naturally, I couldn't help but apply some knowledge of quality science to each episode. "Team Flash" uses various scientific tools and techniques to investigate the root cause of these unnatural threats in their city. The whole premise is to identify the treat, expose the weakness, contain it and eventually eliminate the danger to ensure it never happens in the city again.

Do you have unnatural phenomena occurring in your manufacturing processes? Are you able to identify special cause variation in your process and get to the root cause of the problem to eliminate it for good? Our team of quality engineers have the scientific tools to identify special cause variation and we can put containment plans in place to keep defective product from reaching your customers. Call us today!

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